What Makes Spring Pot the Best Fabric Pots on The Market?

Most Growers Experience 10-25% Yield Increase when Switching to Spring Pots

Most growers looking to maximize quality and yield choose fabric pots, which naturally air-prune the plant’s roots and create more root surface area so the plant can absorb water and nutrients more efficiently. Naturally, this produces healthier plants that yield more flowers. If you haven’t switched yet, try ours first, then you won’t need to look for us later. We understand what’s required from experience, so our pots are superior on purpose. Our mission is and has always been to produce the best fabric pots on the market.

  • Superior Quality Fabric and Design – Our Pot is Stronger!®
  • Save Money – No more wasting of water, soil, or lost production from using flimsy, inferior fabric pots.
  • Increased Crop Value – As yield increases over the same area, crops become more profitable.
  • Convenient Cultivation – Super-reinforced handles on all sizes 3-25gallon.
  • Shelf Appeal – Color coded for easy identification makes retail shelves easy to organize saving employee time and labor.

Why fabric?

The health of a plant depends on the health of its root system. In a solid container, the plants’ primary roots will begin to circle around the pot once they reach the side walls. This root circling informs the plant that it is in a confined space which limits growth and ultimately it will become root-bound and stop growing. The Spring Pot’s fabric allows air from the outside of the container to enter the root zone. The primary root tips stop growing or are “air-pruned” and begin to grow many secondary roots. These secondary roots are also air pruned producing a much more fibrous root structure that has more surface area to maximize uptake of moisture and nutrients. The plant in a Spring Pot will have roots that never circle and will have a greater root mass than a plant grown in the same sized solid container.

Where can they be used?

Spring Pots are ideal for indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, hydroponics, erosion control, tree farming, major agriculture and home gardens.

In addition, Spring Pots are great for any urban gardening application such as patios, parking lots, vertical gardens, roof gardens, sculpture gardens or any other area not supporting regular gardening.

How much soil do I need to fill my Spring Pot?

Spring Pot Gallon Size Volume in Cubic Yards Volume in Cubic Feet
#1 0.005 0.13
#2 0.010 0.26
#3 0.015 0.39
#5 0.025 0.69
#7 0.035 0.94
#10 0.054 1.45
#15 0.079 2.14
#20 0.098 2.64
#25 0.122 3.31
#30 0.16 4.32
#45 0.22 5.97
#65 0.31 8.38
#100 0.49 13.1
#200 1.0 27.2
#300 1.47 39.3
#400 1.96 52.4

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